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Build a life on your terms.

At Cummins Financial Advisers, we offer experienced financial advice that helps you to feel more financially secure and empowered about your future.

Does your financial future excite you?

We know that thinking about money can be difficult, especially when you're confused by the options that are available to you.

Financial Advice

Uncertainty over the future

Without a financial plan in place, it can be difficult to understand how your money can work for you and what you should consider when thinking about the future. 

Retirement Planning

How much is enough?

It's common for all of us to be unsure about how to maximise the funds that are available to us, and how we use the money we have to live the life we want to live.

Financial Advisers

Am I prepared?

Without guidance, it's sometimes difficult to think about how you can protect your retirement, your family and your business, and what you need to do to ensure peace of mind in these areas.


"We believe you deserve to feel confident, reassured and optimistic about your financially secure future."

- Gerry Cummins
Director & Financial Adviser

Gerry Cummins

Our job is to be a helpful guide on your journey.

By taking the time to understand your individual circumstances, your current protection and investment needs, we use decades of experience to build you a personalised, bespoke plan.

Financial Advisers

Planning for retirement

Retirement is a big life transition, and looks different for everyone. We build a plan based on your dreams & desires to help you plan for the best one possible.

Financial Advisers

Protecting your family


For most of us, peace of mind comes from knowing our family are protected in all circumstances. We make sure this is the case for you.

Financial Advisers

Saving for the future


The world of investing can be difficult to understand. We help you with decades of experience to build a plan for making your money work hard.

Financial Advisers

Protecting your legacy


You want to make sure that as much of your wealth passes down to the next generation. We show you how this is possible.

Financial Advisers

Business Planning


Whether you're planning for growing your business, selling it or exiting it, we build strategies to make sure any option you take is right for you.

The areas we specialise in:

In order to help you to achieve the above goals, we specialise in lots of different areas, meaning you can be confident that everything links together.

Pension Advice

Protection Planning

Investment Advice

Inheritance Tax Planning

Business Planning

The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice.

Sue & Mike's Story.

Hear from our clients Sue & Mike on how we helped them to plan for the future and feel confident about their money.


It all starts with you.

Not with your money.


We understand you

In order to help you get to where you want, we need to understand what the future looks like for you and what your current situation is. We offer a friendly ear to get to know you on a deeper level.


Build a plan

We show you what the future looks like, and what we need to change to help you get there. This may involve making some recommendations and implementing some tweaks to your finances. 



In order to make sure the plan keeps on working for you, we regularly keep up with you and your plans, and make any changes required to ensure you stay on track.

Meet our team.

Financial Advisers

We've been helping families to secure their financial futures for decades, with friendly and accessible communication methods and a highly personal service.

Financial Advisers
Financial Advisers

Trusted by hundreds of families.

Financial Advisers

Completely Independent.

Financial Advisers
Financial Advisers
Financial Advisers
Financial Advisers
Financial Advisers

Decades of Experience.

Gavin & Nuala's Story.

Hear from our clients Gavin & Nuala on how they worked with us to protect their family from financial shocks.

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